ICF Gloria was founded by Anya soon after the Russian aggression started. She chose to stay in Ukraine, in Odessa, to help Ukrainian refugees after she evacuated her parents and daughter to safety. As an unpaid volunteer, with the help of international organizations, she evacuated to the safety of Romania and other countries thousands of refugees from Odessa and other areas in Ukraine.

Chris has been helping Ukrainian refugees in Romania and Bulgaria since the start of the war as an unpaid volunteer translator at Siret, Isaccea borders, and Bucharest Train Station. He is general secretary of the Romanian Naval League, a non-profit Romanian organization. Since September last year, he has been the coordinator of the Bucharest train station volunteers at the Bucharest Train Station Transit Center, administrated by the Bucharest General Directorate of Social Services.

The web site, aside from its simple functionality that provides useful information and links for the refugees that evacuated from Ukraine with the help of ICF Gloria, represents the unity between Ukrainian and Romanian volunteers.

Anya & Chris on the border of Ukraine with Romania