Bucharest Refugee Transit Center at Bucharest Train Station

In Bucharest, in the North Railway Station, there is a transit center for Ukrainian refugees managed by the General Directorate of Social Assistance of Bucharest, where you can wait for the next train or bus that leaves near the station or to request accommodation in the refugee centers managed by the Romanian state. The telephone number of the center is +40 21 9524, between 08.30 – 17.30.00 Mon-Fri and 10.00 – 20.00 Sat – Sun there are translators from the non-governmental organization Save the Children. This center also coordinates the reception of refugee buses organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and ICFGLORIA, upon their arrival there are volunteer translators or representatives of non-governmental organizations.

From 25th of December until 2th of January (included) the Ukrainian refugee transit center at Bucharest train station will be closed.

The train station has a direct train to Bucharest Otopeni Airport, subway access and is a major hub for the public surface transportation with several buses and tram services that reach most of Bucharest.  The station has as day time service for Pharmacy, Grocery, Exchange Office and Post Office. Bank ATMs are available non stop in the station.

Transportation by train

In Romania, the trains are operated by the national company C.F.R and by the private companies Regio Trans, Astra Trans and Soft Trans

For C.F.R. trains internal routes in Romania, access the link https://bilete.cfrcalatori.ro/ro-RO/Itineraries

For C.F.R. trains international routes, access the link https://bileteinternationale.cfrcalatori.ro/ro/booking/search

For Regio Trans trains, access the link https://regiocalatori.ro/mersul-trenurilor/#/cautare/ Regio Trans train prices are lower, most of them are regional trains used by short-distance passengers.

For Softrans trains, access the link https://www.softrans.ro/mersul-trenurilor.html

For Astra Trans trains, visit the link https://www.astratranscarpatic.ro/mersul-trenurilor For tickets https://online.astratranscarpatic.ro/rute_bootstrap.aspx

Bus transportation in Romania

Romania has a diversified network of bus lines operated by private companies between cities in Romania and Europe

You can find an orientation guide on the website https://www.autogari.ro/, some companies offer online ticket booking.

For international buses routes, we also recommend https://www.flixbus.ro/, reservations can also be made online

Car transportation with your own car 

The main highways in Romania are:

Highway A1: Bucharest – Pitesti – Curtea de Argeș – Sibiu – Deva – Timișoara – Arad – Nădlac
Autostrada A2 (Soarelui Autostrada): Bucharest – Constanța
Highway A3: Bucharest – Ploiesti – Brașov – Târgu Mureș – Cluj-Napoca – Zalău – Oradea
A4 highway (Constanți belt): Ovidiu – Agigea
Highway A10: Sebes – Alba-Iulia – Aiud – Turda

There are also the following express roads, among the existing express roads are the routes Bucharest-Giurgiu, Bucharest-Ploiești Vest-Comarnic, Constanța-Mangalia, Brașov-Codlea, Cluj-Turda, Bucharest-Urziceni-Buzău-Focșani-Bacău-Roman- Iasi and Craiova-Filiasi.

In order to drive in Romania, the driver must have a valid license, the car must have an international green card insurance valid from Ukraine and also Rovineta. We recommend that you buy the rovineta before entering Romania, at most border points there is no possibility of paying the rovineta, if you enter Romania hoping that you will buy the rovineta at the first gas station and you will be stopped by the police without the rovineta, the fine is 250 lei – 500 lei (approx. 50 euros – 100 euros).
To buy rovineta, we recommend the official website of C.N.A.I.R., the National Road Infrastructure Administration Company https://www.erovinieta.ro/
If you will pass by car on the Autostrada A2 highway (Autostrada Soarelui): Bucharest – Constanța, the bridge toll is required, which can also be paid on the website https://www.erovinieta.ro/

Transportation by Air

The major airport of Romania is Bucharest Otopeni, reachable by train from Bucharest Train Station.

Romania operates its own air line Tarom https://www.tarom.ro/en

Also low cost airline such as RyanAir https://www.ryanair.com/ua/uk  and WizzAir https://wizzair.com/uk-ua#/  operates out of the country to several destinations in Europe and Middle East

We highly recommend to book the tickets in advance and check in detail with the airlines all the details for your flight, be at airport minimum 2.5 hours before flight, sometimes there are delays during check in process during holidays or weekend.